Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallowhine (er, I mean Halloween)

I was up much later than I expected last night thanks to the discovery of cat pee on my bed (on my side, on my pillow). After stripping sheets, de-pissifying (is to a word) the mattress and making the bed again it was about 11:00. This happened after I drove 30 minutes to get my haircut only to arrive and have them tell me they left a message at work saying that my hairdresser was sick. (Thanks a bunch.) And before Meghan had a conniption fit because she was itchy. I was in her bed with her until about 1AM. So, yes, I am tired. And, yes, it is Halloween.

Today I am supposed to find a babysitter for Tuesday so we can go to Meghan parent teacher conference, get my car inspected because the sticker expires today, carve a pumpkin, find our living room floor under the mine field of toys, continue to clean pee soaked bedding, go trick or treating, get dressed, keep kids alive (not necessarily in that order). Maybe I'll get about 2 or 3 things done and I'm okay with that today.

So what am I doing instead of all those things on the list? Sitting here in my pajamas writing a post. Lucky you.

In honor of the holiday here are some pictures of the kids in their costumes. We went to Baby Love Disco on Sunday and the kids dressed up. They looked so darn cute. It was a lot less crowded than the last time I went which was great. Ryan got to watch some football there which I am sure made him happy. The kids loved the balloons, egg shaker and bubbles. We stayed for about 1 hour 45 minutes or so. I was ready to go when Sean crawled into a tent and ate what may have been a goldfish cracker. It was gone before I could fish (Ha! No pun intended) it out of his mouth. Thankfully he had no reaction. So maybe it was not a goldfish cracker, or maybe it was and he is growing out of his milk allergy. Overall, it was fun to take the kids out of the house for awhile and let them run around.

More pictures available here.