Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let Me Show You: Musical Distraction

So remember when I said I would mention the gifts Meghan got for her Birthday? No? Can't say I blame you, it was awhile ago. But, I'm here now.

Meghan received an mp3 player and some headphones. And she LOVES them. I think they are pretty great too. We downloaded a whole mess of Backyardigans songs for her. She will wear the headphones everywhere. Around the house, in the car, at Target.

Only drawback so far? She screams when she is wearing them. We've been out shopping and I've had to pull the headphones away from her ears to tell her she is way too loud.

Some nice features:

  • headphones have their own volume control that is difficult for kids to change
  • mp3 player has one easy to use button to start, stop and pause
  • songs can be changed by holding button and shaking mp3 player
So which mp3 player and headphones did she get. Here are some links if you are interested: