Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And here I thought I had nothing to write about


Posts have been a bit sparse lately.  It seems as though we have been doing the same stuff day in and day out.  But Sean would not let that go on forever.

Today Sean locked me in Meghan's room.  That's right, LOCKED ME IN MEGHAN'S ROOM.  Let's just say when I reached for the handle and realized that it was locked something a bit stronger than "Uh oh" was going through my head.

How could this happen?  I'll explain.

We keep Meghan's door closed most of the day.  If she wants to play with Sean in her room that is fine.  But if we keep her door open, Sean goes in there and destroys the place, much like he does to his own room.  So we let Meghan decide if she wants to have him in her room.

Now,just keeping the door shut is not enough to keep him out.  Unlike Meghan, Sean learned how to open doors a long time ago.  We placed a childproof cover on her door to keep him out.  The problem is that it also keeps Meghan out because she cannot turn the knob either.

Also, each of the bedroom doors have locks.  The locks on the kids' rooms are on the outside so they cannot lock themselves in the room.  Make sense so far? Great.

Today I went into Meghan's room to get her clothes.  I closed the door behind me (like always) to keep Sean, the human tornado, from running in.  As I was in there I heard him jiggling the handle trying to get in but thought nothing of it.  Then I went to open the door....and the handle did not turn. 

The first thing that ran thorough my mind was the fact that I did not even have a phone available.  Then I realized that if someone could just turn the handle from the outside it would unlock.  But who?  Meghan did not know how to turn it with the cover on it.  Okay, think, think.  Oh, there is a small hole in the handle. If I could find something long enough that fit through the hole maybe I could pop the lock.  As I searched around I also called for Meghan.  I still had not found anything to fit in the handle.  Thankfully, I was able to coach Meghan through pushing in the two buttons and turning the childproof cover.  She was able to turn the doorknob just enough to pop the lock open.

That was a very long 4 minutes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Take a picture of me!




IMG_0054 IMG_0048

Friday, March 20, 2009

It took 2 hours...

but he finally fell asleep.


Update: The nap lasted a grand total of 22 minutes. Basically enough time for me to take and edit pictures then post this entry.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let Me Show You: The Big Boy Bed


A few weeks before Sean's birthday I heard a thud in his room when he was supposed to be in his crib.  I opened the door and found him sitting in the middle of his room with a "how did I get here" look on his face.  Uh oh.  It was just a matter of time.  Shortly there after I ordered his toddler bed.

One of the first recognizable words Sean said was "car".  Or rather "cah" (Boston accent and all).  He LOVES cars.  Points them out everywhere.  So, naturally, we had to get him a car bed, right?





We made the switch on the weekend of Daylight Savings Time.  Which, looking back, was probably not the best weekend to do it.  But it seemed to go as well as can be expected.  Ryan pretty much assembled the bed himself and I stuck all the stickers on.  ALOT of stickers.  Which were very sticky.  So you had to position them correctly to first time or you were out of luck.  Let's just say that this bed does not follow the suggested placement of the stickers.

Sean LOVES the bed.  Also he LOVES his freedom.  I, personally, am not fond of the freedom.  We have to lock his bedroom door until he falls asleep or he does not stay in there.  (I don't remember having this problem with Meghan.  She was not able to turn and open doorknobs until sometime after she got used to her bed.)  So instead of sleeping he uses the time to destroy his room.  Toys scattered everywhere, clothes pulled from all the drawers, shades pulled back up, diapers and wipes removed from the closet.  MESS.  He does manage to make it back to his bed and fall asleep eventually.



The biggest drawback so far is that he seems to be waking up earlier and earlier.  Today he was awake before Ryan's alarm went off.  I'm not exactly sure of the time because I did not want him to see me move.  I was hoping that he would head back to his bed.  No luck, we were watching Wow! Wow! Wubbsy waaay too early today.  (But, to be honest, I don't think there is ever a good time to watch that show.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Exploring




Friday, March 06, 2009

Sean's busy week


Sean had quite the week.  He was supposed to have his 2 year checkup on Monday but we had to reschedule due to the snowstorm. 

Tuesday was his first official Early Intervention (EI) appointment.  It was a bit slow going at first.  The only opening they had was smack in the middle of his nap time so it took a bit to get him warmed up.  But, once he woke up a bit, he did a good job.  He said some of the words I've heard before and he used a few new ones.  We had decided that it would be best for them to meet with Sean once a week and out next appointment is on Thursday.

Wednesday was his appointment with the Allergist.  *sigh*  This one was disappointing.  We thought Sean had accidentally been exposed to milk a few times and he did not react.  So we were optimistic that this appointment would show that he is outgrowing his allergy.  Instead we found out that he is still allergic to milk and casein plus he is allergic to cats and dogs.  On a positive note, the peanut allergy test came out negative.  He gets tested again in a year.  I am planning my next trip to Whole Foods to stock up on milk-free stuff again.  The last time I went to the local Stop and Shop I found out they will no longer carry the soy yogurt we buy so that pretty much sucks.

Today was his rescheduled 2 year check up.  And is was pretty uneventful.  He weighed in at 23.2 pounds.  But he is following his own light weight growth curve.  I have no idea how tall he is because I missed what the nurse said and they never wrote it in his book.

Now he gets a break next week but then we start back up again seeing more doctors. 

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Now Reading


I've selected my next book to read.



Obsession (Alex Delaware, No. 21)by Jonathan Kellerman

Ryan and I are both fans of the Alex Delaware novels.  I actually got the one that comes after this for my birthday.  I was all set to read it when I realized I missed a book.  So I headed out to get this one first.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The little guy turns TWO!


Sean turned two this past Saturday.  We have been so busy between now and then that this is the first time I've had a chance to post about it.

First I think we need to discuss the fact that he is TWO.  Um, when did that happen?  I don't know if it is because he is such a little munchkin or because he still babbles baby talk or something else but he does not seem like he should be two already. 

We did not plan anything big for his birthday.  Just a small family party.  Thanks to the threat of a snowstorm and some sickness floating around the party got even smaller.  Not a problem though.  It just means he will get a second party this weekend.

We went out for Mexican food (Sean brought along his meal in a lunch box), opened gifts and had his Rice Krispie Treat Birthday cake.

Here are a few pictures from the day.



IMG_0182 IMG_0189 IMG_0198 IMG_0206