Monday, January 28, 2008


It's been a bit crazy lately. There has been a "sickness" that has taken hold of the house and ill not let go. We have had puke, snot, coughing, sneezing, snot, fevers, ear infections, snot (did I mention snot yet?) since before Christmas. It is just circling through out the house. (Except for Ryan, perhaps he is the carrier.) Someone suggested an exorcism. We may be at the point.

So, because my brain is a bit frazzled this post will probably seem, well, frazzled. So, here is just a list of stuff that we have been doing.

  • Sean started Gymboree. He seemed to do really great his first two classes. He had to miss Saturdays because of the above mentioned sickness. And he is going to miss 2 more classes because...
  • We leave for Turks & Caicos soon! One full week of fun in the sun. And hopefully that will kill any remaining germs.
  • I have been shopping for everything we need for the trip and will try my best to squeeze it into as few suitcases as possible.
  • Sean's appointment with the allergist is not until March (!!!) so I have been afraid to give him much of anything that is new.
  • It took me almost 2 hours to get into work today.
  • I have been afraid to post this thinking it would jinx it but....Meghan is potty trained. Finally. It has been awhile since we have changed a wet pull-up and no more peeing in her panties. She even stays dry overnight. (Although I am not ready to give up those nighttime pull-ups. I hate changing sheets.)
  • And, I am done with winter. I'm just saying...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meghan's Gallery - 3

"Street" by Meghan

Mouse! Mouse in the House!

A mouse just ran past me downstairs in while doing laundry.

Madison the cat thinks she has it cornered.

I am not going back downstairs.

Hopefully if Madison catches it she will leave it downstairs. Unlike last time.

Ryan is a Gymboree with Sean.

Thirty minutes until they are home.

Stupid thing scared the bejezus outta me.

My hands are still shaking.

I hate mice.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Milk = Bad (or so it seems)

If you recall (you being anyone who may read this thing), Sean was not so happy when we tried to move him off of Isomil to a milk-based formula. At his nine month check-up the doctor suggested we wait a few weeks then try just a teaspoon of yogurt.

So we waited, and we were going to try over the holiday break but then he got sick and had an ear infections. So we waited a little longer and tried this past weekend. I put a teaspoon of yogurt in a bowl, got a baby spoon and fed him some. He took maybe half of what was on the baby spoon. Then things started going bad. Poor little guy got all fussy. Started turning a bit red. He was grabbing his ears. Then gagging. Then puking. Needless to say we have not tried that again.

We are now waiting to hear when we can get him an appointment with the allergist and until then I am afraid to give him anything that has any trace of milk in it. It is making it more difficult for me to introduce him to table foods.

Plus, we go on vacation in a few weeks and I am currenlty trying to figure out how I want to bring a weeks worth of baby food to the Carribean. I just got off the phone with someone from Babies Travel Lite and she said that yes they do ship there. However, she said it is very expensive. Like $100 or so just for shipping depending on the weight. Yikes. She recommended sending the order to our house and checking the box on the plane. Not sure what I am going to do yet.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Meghan's Gallery - 2

"Hands" by Meghan

"Feet" by Meghan

Snow Day #1 - 2008

We are all home today. Expecting a foot of snow. Here is our front yard. (Looks amazingly similar to our backyard last time.)

Can you find our mailbox?

I hope to provide some updates later including what Sean and Meghan have been up to and what is going on with this.

Monday, January 07, 2008

See, we share things around here.

I think Sean needs a chair.

(If you zoom in you'll see he also needs a tissue. But I can only handle one thing at a time.)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Maybe my brain is frozen

It is about 5 degrees here. Without the windchill.

My day started off not so wonderful. Anytime I need to add something to my routine that is not normally there it screws me up.

Sean has been coughing for like a week now so I took him to the doctors yesterday. (Yes, I know this post was supposed to be about today. But there is a back story.) I left the house about 7 minutes later than I wanted to. But I had planned a 10 minute buffer so I was still good. But then, as I was pulling into the parking lot at the doctors office, I heard a gagging and then a splashing type sound. Um, never good. Puke. Sean. All over. Smelly. Yuck. Then Meghan started gagging. Uh oh.

Me: Meghan are you okay?
Meghan (with watery eyes): Yea, I okay.
Me: Sean threw up?
Meghan: (Gag) Yup.
Me: Still okay?
Meghan: I still okay.

Whew. Only one pukey child to clean. I had baby wipes and burp clothes. Cleaned Sean up the best I could and to the point where I was willing able to carry him and not get pukey myself. I was able to drag them into the office only 5 minutes late. And then we waited.

Meghan: Why we sitting here?
Me: We are waiting for them to call Sean's name. Did you hear his name?
Meghan: No.
Meghan (swinging her little purse up to her shoulder and walking back to the offices): Let's go see the doctor.
Me: Sorry, we need to wait.
Meghan: Okay.

Thirty minutes past our scheduled time we were called in. Ear infection. Prescription. Good. Let's go home.

With the puke incident happening at the arrival to the office I neglected to mention the state of the parking lot. It was a awful. The recent snow reduced the spots available. Plus, they used sand in the lot so at this point it was a big mud bath. No lines visible anywhere to determine where the spots were. People were parked anywhere and everywhere. So we waded through the mud back to the car. A woman was loading her child into the car next to mine so I could not do what I usually do which is open Sean's door and have Meghan walk across to her seat. So I went to the other side of the car and loaded Meghan in first. I was unable to buckle her in at that time because I was still holding another (getting heavier by the minute) child. So I walked back around and waited my turn. Loaded Sean in (trying to not have him sit directly in the puddle of vomit) and then looked up at Meghan. She was standing in the drivers seat. Muddy footprints all over the car. And my seat. Wonderful.

Anyway back to today. Since I had to wash car seat covers and baby winter gear yesterday (that all required air drying), I had to spend sometime this morning putting the car seat back together.

Loaded the kids in the car and headed for daycare.

Uh oh, did I put Sean's pink medicine back in the fridge? Called Ryan. He did not notice. Damn.

Headed back home after daycare drop off. Ran upstairs. Opened the fridge. Yes pink medicine. Ran downstairs.

Wait, did I close the fridge? Back upstairs. Yes. Back downstairs.

Oops. Left the door to the garage open. Where is the cat? Okay found cat upstairs. Back in the car.

Half way down my street. Did I close the garage door? Reverse back up my street. Yes.

Off to work.

So I'd like to blame the weather. Perhaps my brain froze somewhere along the way. It could happen.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Party Animals

This is about as exciting as our New Year's Eve got:

And, of course, the dance party I mentioned last night.

We were asleep at about 11:45PM. (Lame, I know.)