Monday, January 28, 2008


It's been a bit crazy lately. There has been a "sickness" that has taken hold of the house and ill not let go. We have had puke, snot, coughing, sneezing, snot, fevers, ear infections, snot (did I mention snot yet?) since before Christmas. It is just circling through out the house. (Except for Ryan, perhaps he is the carrier.) Someone suggested an exorcism. We may be at the point.

So, because my brain is a bit frazzled this post will probably seem, well, frazzled. So, here is just a list of stuff that we have been doing.

  • Sean started Gymboree. He seemed to do really great his first two classes. He had to miss Saturdays because of the above mentioned sickness. And he is going to miss 2 more classes because...
  • We leave for Turks & Caicos soon! One full week of fun in the sun. And hopefully that will kill any remaining germs.
  • I have been shopping for everything we need for the trip and will try my best to squeeze it into as few suitcases as possible.
  • Sean's appointment with the allergist is not until March (!!!) so I have been afraid to give him much of anything that is new.
  • It took me almost 2 hours to get into work today.
  • I have been afraid to post this thinking it would jinx it but....Meghan is potty trained. Finally. It has been awhile since we have changed a wet pull-up and no more peeing in her panties. She even stays dry overnight. (Although I am not ready to give up those nighttime pull-ups. I hate changing sheets.)
  • And, I am done with winter. I'm just saying...