Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Bunny

Monday, April 27, 2009

You're doing it wrong

Okay, yes, it is true that I was sick of the winter. I could not wait until it got warmer. Counting the days until Spring. But I'm sorry Mother Nature, this is not the way to go about it.

Holy extremes, Batman!

I am not equipped to handle the temperature swings. I was s-w-e-a-t-i-n-g this weekend. Of course it did not help that my cold from hell turned into a day of puking. That was fun. What made it even better was my two kids hovering behind me saying "Whass dat?" or "Are you puking?" as my head hung in the toilet bowl. Good times. Good times.

Where was I...oh yea, the weather. There is only one time where it is acceptable to experience such a large temperature difference within a few hours. That is in winter when you board a plane in the middle of the New England tundra and arrive in a tropical paradise hours later. And that is mainly because there is a pool, beach and frozen cocktail in the very near future.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 90 degrees. NINETY DEGREES. And while I do not live on the beach or have a pool, you better believe I will do my best to find me one of those frozen cocktails.

Friday, April 24, 2009

List of 8s

I was tagged by South Jersey-ite (Jersey-ian?) Kimberly for this meme and it was really perfect timing. My brain is still not functioning properly but this is a fun post to do.

So here we go.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To

  1. Turks & Caicos next winter. A long way to go but still I knowing there will be a break next winter is wonderful.
  2. Warm weather
  3. Meghan's dance recital
  4. Playing in kiddie pool with the kiddies
  5. Fresh corn on the cob
  6. Getting rid of this stupid cold
  7. Bedtime (Mine. I'm pretty tired)
  8. Watching kids play on the beach this summer.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Built tents in the living room with the kids
  2. Got my hair done
  3. Finally bought a car charger for my iPhone
  4. Caught up on blogs in my reader
  5. Made bread
  6. Bought a Mega Millions ticket
  7. Ate chocolate chip ice cream with strawberries and chocolate syrup
  8. Went to bed before 10PM

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

  1. Sleep past 7AM (I mean I am physically able to. I just need the kids to let me.)
  2. Spend a summer evening outside without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes
  3. Roll my "R's"
  4. Straighten my own hair with a blow dryer
  5. Type properly instead of pecking at keyboard.
  6. Travel without getting car/air/sea sick
  7. Learn how to use Photoshop
  8. Wear long skirts without looking ridiculous

8 Shows I Watch

  1. Lost
  2. Fringe
  3. 24
  4. CSI
  5. Bones
  6. Reaper
  7. The Amazing Race
  8. The Office

8 People I Tag

I am usually horrible at tagging and avoid it all together. But today I decided to tag people I visit virtually on a regular basis. If you are not familiar with them I would encourage you to take a peek.

  1. Gilda
  2. Zoot
  3. Slackermama

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trying to think of something other than feeling like ick.

I'm sick.

I've been sick for over a week. I can't remember the last time I had suck an icky cold. It was so bad I even went to see my doctor which I NEVER do when I'm sick. My doctor knows that so she let me come in without an appointment and saw me right away. Because I never call when I'm sick.

And guess what? She confirmed that I am sick. But at least I got a prescription that will hopefully kill whatever is infecting me before it kills me.

But I don't want to bore you with me whining about my mucus filled days. Instead lets talk about something fun. Like VACATIONS!!!

In the past month or so we booked not one, but our next TWO vacations. Yippee!!!

The first one is what is becoming an annual pilgrimage to the Jersey Shore. That will happen this summer. It will be a pretty standard trip. We will drive down and spend the week on the beach and boardwalk and get to see all the interesting (ahem) people that flock to Seaside Heights.

The second trip won't take place until next winter. And for that one we are headed back here:


Yup, back to Turks & Caicos. It was not something we were looking to book at this time. However, they were having a huDge sale and we got over 50% off for the week. You just can't pass that up. At least we couldn't. It's an all inclusive resort outside the US so I am a little freaked out about Sean's milk allergy. Last time we went he was still on baby food and formula so we just brought it along with us. We will be dependent on the resort food and drink this time. Gulp. I did contact the resort and they said they would set up a meeting with the chef when we arrive and they will arrange meals that he can eat. But still...... It is a year away so I'll try not to think about it too much until we get closer.

Now I need to try and bring this house back to some semblance of normal. Sick Mommy + school vacation week + rainy weather = Disaster.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Digging out

The past week has been NUTS. Between Easter and a bunch of unpleasantness that has been sucking the life out of me, I have not had much time to do anything. I still need to rid myself of all this Easter paraphernalia*. If I trip over one more plastic egg, so help me, I'm not sure I'll be able to control myself.

So while I spend some time getting our lives back to something that resembles normal, I will leave you with a picture of the "eggs" we I made for Easter.

Behold, the dairy-free strawberry flavored rice krispy eggs.

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(taken with iPhone so quality is a bit eh)

* That word does not look right when you type it out. But I double checked with Google to make sure I was spelling it correctly. God, I love Google. Does anyone even own a dictionary anymore?

Friday, April 10, 2009

More Video Cuteness

Sorry, I cannot help myself.

Elephant from Dorene on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Childproofing FAIL

Childproofing FAIL from Dorene on Vimeo.

Wordless Wednesday - Easter Bunny

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Back to life with a new brain

Not me, my laptop. (Although I feel my brain has been on the fritz lately.)

After a hard drive crash on April 1st (Yup, no foolin'), my system was corrupted to the point where I could not even get to a DOS prompt. I tried everything I could think of and was pretty sure the drive was fried. But, I reluctantly called Dell support in the hopes that they could bring it back to life and if not, the would send me a new drive.

I spent over an hour on the phone with them doing EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS I did earlier in the day. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with the person I was working with. I believe that there is a good chance I got a higher level of support because I purchased this through the employee plan at my old company. Anyway, sometime after midnight it was pretty clear that nothing was going to work.

I received my replacement drive on Friday (with all the software already installed that you very much) and have been spending a good part of the weekend reconfiguring everything to how I like it.

Unfortunately I never backed up my laptop. I am not terribly upset because all our photos/videos are stored on the other system. I did lose my iTunes library but I have an old backup (years ago) and can recover anything I purchased from iTunes from my iPod and iPhone. I did lose any updates to our Christmas card address list that were made in the past 6 months. Also gone? All the personal files I felt were important enough to copy from my work laptop before I quit. Sigh.

Last night I BACKED UP using the free year of off site backup that I never bothered to set up before. I still have a few more things to try and recover from the random external drives and CDs floating around here. I am hoping to have a real post here soon.

(Oh, just remembered I need to install the Windows software that allows me to create a post things. Now if I can only remember what it is called. Ah, Google. What would I do without you?)

(Crap. Also remembered that one of those personal files lost was a recording of the first time we heard Meghan's heartbeat on the ultrasound. I hope I can find that on one of the external drives....)