Friday, March 06, 2009

Sean's busy week


Sean had quite the week.  He was supposed to have his 2 year checkup on Monday but we had to reschedule due to the snowstorm. 

Tuesday was his first official Early Intervention (EI) appointment.  It was a bit slow going at first.  The only opening they had was smack in the middle of his nap time so it took a bit to get him warmed up.  But, once he woke up a bit, he did a good job.  He said some of the words I've heard before and he used a few new ones.  We had decided that it would be best for them to meet with Sean once a week and out next appointment is on Thursday.

Wednesday was his appointment with the Allergist.  *sigh*  This one was disappointing.  We thought Sean had accidentally been exposed to milk a few times and he did not react.  So we were optimistic that this appointment would show that he is outgrowing his allergy.  Instead we found out that he is still allergic to milk and casein plus he is allergic to cats and dogs.  On a positive note, the peanut allergy test came out negative.  He gets tested again in a year.  I am planning my next trip to Whole Foods to stock up on milk-free stuff again.  The last time I went to the local Stop and Shop I found out they will no longer carry the soy yogurt we buy so that pretty much sucks.

Today was his rescheduled 2 year check up.  And is was pretty uneventful.  He weighed in at 23.2 pounds.  But he is following his own light weight growth curve.  I have no idea how tall he is because I missed what the nurse said and they never wrote it in his book.

Now he gets a break next week but then we start back up again seeing more doctors.