Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And here I thought I had nothing to write about


Posts have been a bit sparse lately.  It seems as though we have been doing the same stuff day in and day out.  But Sean would not let that go on forever.

Today Sean locked me in Meghan's room.  That's right, LOCKED ME IN MEGHAN'S ROOM.  Let's just say when I reached for the handle and realized that it was locked something a bit stronger than "Uh oh" was going through my head.

How could this happen?  I'll explain.

We keep Meghan's door closed most of the day.  If she wants to play with Sean in her room that is fine.  But if we keep her door open, Sean goes in there and destroys the place, much like he does to his own room.  So we let Meghan decide if she wants to have him in her room.

Now,just keeping the door shut is not enough to keep him out.  Unlike Meghan, Sean learned how to open doors a long time ago.  We placed a childproof cover on her door to keep him out.  The problem is that it also keeps Meghan out because she cannot turn the knob either.

Also, each of the bedroom doors have locks.  The locks on the kids' rooms are on the outside so they cannot lock themselves in the room.  Make sense so far? Great.

Today I went into Meghan's room to get her clothes.  I closed the door behind me (like always) to keep Sean, the human tornado, from running in.  As I was in there I heard him jiggling the handle trying to get in but thought nothing of it.  Then I went to open the door....and the handle did not turn. 

The first thing that ran thorough my mind was the fact that I did not even have a phone available.  Then I realized that if someone could just turn the handle from the outside it would unlock.  But who?  Meghan did not know how to turn it with the cover on it.  Okay, think, think.  Oh, there is a small hole in the handle. If I could find something long enough that fit through the hole maybe I could pop the lock.  As I searched around I also called for Meghan.  I still had not found anything to fit in the handle.  Thankfully, I was able to coach Meghan through pushing in the two buttons and turning the childproof cover.  She was able to turn the doorknob just enough to pop the lock open.

That was a very long 4 minutes.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Too funny now. Scary then. My son locked himself in his room the other week. I had to break the lock. Today he locked me out of the house. I should have know better than not taking my keys to throw the thrash out.