Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another sign I'm getting older?

As I mentioned before, I attended the BlogHer Boston event yesterday (and let me just say, for the record, Burlington is not Boston). I thought the event was great, I met a bunch of new people (Hi new people!!!), learned some new techniques and spent the entire day not chasing after my children. I'm sure to have a full post about this later. But, right now, I am recovering from the lack of temperature control in the hotel. I think my brain is frozen and I am still shivering.

Because I am unable to wrap my partially functioning brain around the more technical and thought-provoking aspects of the event, I'll discuss something that requires very little thought. Cocktail receptions.

When you hear "open bar" a lot of people immediately think "sweet", right? I know I used to. But now? Ugh. My first thought is, okay, do I have to drive? Last night that answer was yes so obviously that ruled out taking full advantage of the free booze. But even if I do not have to drive my thoughts immediately go to the next morning. What time are the kids going to wake me up? How am I going to feel in the morning? And, you know what? I really do not want to feel icky anymore. I don't want the headache. I know I can no longer sleep until noon and head to the dining hall for my standard next day meal (ham & cheese on a bulkie roll with spicy mustard. yum.). I know I will have to get up and make it through the day.

Not only that but, when I am around others who have had too much to drink, they annoy the hell out of me. They act ridiculous, immature, sloppy and loud. And I just don't want to spend time with that.*

So does this mean I am more responsible? Or does this mean that I am getting to old for this stuff? I don't know. All I know right now is that my fingers are icicles and I need to find some mittens.....

*Which in no way implies that I saw any of this last night. I left an hour early to drive home. As far as I know everyone was being responsible, non-sloppy and very mature.

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Debbie said...

Oh you are so right! When we start having these thoughts, we are sliding into that dangerous "old lady" territory. I get them all the time.