Thursday, October 02, 2008

I know it won't always be this easy.

Meghan's room was a disaster (surprise, surprise) and she wanted to pull out her dress up trunk and play with it. I told her she needed to clean up the other toys before she played with something new.

She was in her room for awhile before she came out to find me.

Meghan: I cleaned up my room. Can I go downstairs and play my game?

Me: It's almost bedtime Meghan. I thought you wanted to play in your room?

Meghan: Please. please, please can I play my new game? Just for a little while?

Me: Okay, but lets get your pjs on first.

I start to walk to her room.

Meghan: Um, I don't think I told the truth. I don't think I cleaned up my room very good.

And, yes, sure enough her room was still in the same state I saw in in before.

Me: Meghan, why did you not clean up your room.

Meghan: I didn't want to.

Me: Well you cannot play with anything else until your room is clean.

Silence. I assume she was mulling over her options.

Meghan: Momma, I sorry I say no to you. I'll go clean my room.

She is now cleaning her room. Score one for Mommy.

In other news, I've been updating the Currently Watching list on the left as I get to the season premiers on my TiVo.

Also, I added the BlogHer Boston '08 badge over there on the right. I will be there next weekend.