Friday, October 24, 2008

Why are we still going?

Sean had another appointment with Growth and Nutrition yesterday. I was really hoping this would be his last visit. Yes, I know he is still little but he really has been eating better. When we first started going I was worried about his inability to eat anything but pureed food. He is well past that now and eats just about anything we give him. I think he is just going to be on the lighter side like Meghan.

So we headed to the hospital for the appointment. I made sure to leave a bit early because there is construction that throws off my travel times. I seem to always be stuck there for over five minutes. Meghan brought her Leapster game to keep her occupied during the appointment. I asked her to please not play with it in the car because she may get sick. Think she listened? Right, not a chance.

I just pulled into the parking garage at the hospital when I heard it. Bleech! Wonderful. So there I was trying to clean her up with baby wipes so we can get to the appointment. Poor kid. She was so wet. But, I don't travel with an extra set of clothes for her. We smelled great.

After doing my best to get the chunks off of her (sorry) we rushed into the hospital. Surprisingly we were only about 7 minutes late. They gave us a bag for her jacket which was the yuckiest piece of clothing and she also got a towel to use as a shawl on the way home.

Sean weighed in at 21 lbs 7 ounces. (Yay!) and I think they said he was 32.5 inches tall. He gained weight and grew taller since the last visit. Which, you know, is the goal.

I was pretty pleased with his progress. He is now back on the growth chart for his weight. Second percentile. Woo hoo! But, they were hoping he would do a little better. They like the kids to be in the 3rd percentile before they consider them safe to get through the winter. I swear if he did not take a huge dump before the appointment we may have squeaked an extra percent outta him.

What does this mean? Well, we have to go back. Again. In December. They really did not have any more suggestions on how to get him to gain more weight. His weight gain is in the average range but because he is below weight they like to see above average gain. All they offered is add vegetable oil to all of his food (which they said before) and give him more soy milk (which is the the exact opposite of what they said before).

I'm not sure I can do anything more than I already am doing. I basically let him eat whenever he wants. If he refuses to eat what we are having for dinner I keep giving him alternatives until he does eat. I let him walk around with his soy milk so he can drink whenever he wants. I always have snack cups when we go out. I supposed I can just search out more fattening food and let him eat more of that junk than he does now. Silly me for filling him up on veggies.

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Debbie said...

I feel for you. It is so hard to get kids to eat if they don't want to. Actually, I think it is impossible. Good luck.