Friday, October 10, 2008

Brain Dump

I'm having trouble coming up with a topic for today's post. And, since I'm headed to BlogHer Boston tomorrow, I'm not sure when I'll get another one up.

So, I decided to catch everyone up on some random tidbits that have been happening around here. It may sound like I am rambling a bit but, that IS in the blog title. So, you know, it is to be expected. Oh, and to make it extra special, you get it in bulleted form.

  • I still have apples left. After making an apple cake, apple muffins and apple and spice cookies. I personally am a bit appled out. But, I think I'll try and make apple crisp today to kill some more of the bag.
  • We finally settled on Halloween costumes for the kids. Meghan kept changing her mind but we ended up settling on a bumble bee costume. Of course she has said about 5 different things since their costumes arrived in the mail. Sean will be a monkey.
  • In a few weeks we will be headed to Baby Loves Disco in Boston. The kids get to wear their costumes there so it should be cute.
  • Meghan is in a "look at me - watch me" phase. All day. Every day.
  • Sean tries to steal the spotlight. If Meghan is singing, he will sing. If she is sitting on my lap, he squeezes in between.
  • Sean absolutely worships his sister. He follows her everywhere and imitates her every move.
  • Meghan is suddenly afraid of being tossed around. She used to love being held up high and swung around. Now she is afraid of getting dropped.
  • Sean, on the other hand, is an absolute daredevil. He will leap off furniture without a care in the world. He has landed on his head, only to get up and do the same thing again.
  • Sean is also freakishly strong. If he has a grip on something it is almost impossible to get it away from him. He will also grab onto a window sill and pull himself up, like a chin-up, to look out of the window. I'm surprised he has not climbed out of his crib yet. I'm sure a toddler bed is in our near future.
  • I've started to create Christmas wish lists for the kids. We have always used And now Amazon lets you add items from other websites to your wish list so that should make things even easier.
  • I've been looking for a Wii for about 2 months and I know it is only going to get more difficult.
There you have it. I may be back this afternoon with more.


Anonymous said...

I am heading to Blogher too tomorrow. Hopefully, we can meet. As far as the Wii is concerned, go to and subscribe to the RSS feed. You will get notification when something is in stock. That is how I got a WII last holiday season. If you are looking for the holidays, you have enough time that you can wait to find one at the real price rather than ordering one of the upcharged Wiis. One warning, when you receive the notification, you need to jump on it. Wii Tracker offers real-time tracking of retail stock so if you don't order right away, you can miss it.

Also, stores get their stock in on Saturday night so you can call your local retailers on Sunday morning to see if they have any in stock.

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

Have fun at BlogHer. I went to national and had a blast. Wish they wouldn't have cancelled so many of the one day BlogHers!

My sister wrote a letter to Nintendo about not being able to get a Wii for her son after months of looking. Not able to run out at a moments notice when a tracker says one is in stock. They called her and SENT HER ONE. (not for free). You might try it...