Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween is over. Time for the next holiday.

Requisite cute jammie shot.

Is it just me or does it seem like it is just one holiday after another this time of year? There is barely enough time to breathe in between.

I feel like I kinda just winged it this Halloween. Only put up half of the decoration. Did not do some of the projects I wanted to. Took the easy way out on carving the pumpkins.

No mess pumpkins.

But that did not matter to the kids. They had a blast trick-or-treating. I tried to get a few pictures. It is getting increasingly difficult to get them both in the same shot. Neither one of them ever sits still.

Taken just before Sean bolted.


And they're off!

"Wait, what do I do?"

Now it is time to take all the decorations down and start to think about Christmas cards and wish lists. It is making me a wee bit dizzy.


Evan and Lauren's Cool Blog said...

I hear ya! Santa arrived at our mall today. Crazy.

Z said...

Uh huh. All the christmas stuff is in stores over here, and I'm all, NO! It was jsut SUMMER!

Adorable pictures, by the way! :)