Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let Me Show You: Meghan's Telescope/Microscope

All Meghan wanted for her birthday was a telescope. That is the only thing she asked for.

I searched online for some type of telescope that she could play with, not too expensive and looked like it would be relatively Meghan-proof.

I came across the following at Amazon. It is both a telescope and play microscope.

Meghan really enjoys playing with this. She can take the telescope off (attached with a magnet) and go on her little adventures. Or, she can use the included slides in the microscope to learn about animals or space or an number of other topics. Once you insert a slide you enter the 3-letter code and it tells you about what you are looking at. She struggles a little with inserting the slides correctly so I help her out with that.

Oh, and a bonus, she can use her headphones.

So the telescope was a winner. Now I have to convince her that she does not want a "big drum" for Christmas.