Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fevers and Coughing and Puking, Oh My!

I think this post is gonna be a quick summary of our last few days. Cliff notes style.

Meghan walked into a wall and got a bruise under her eye.*

Family picture day! I am always amazed when they manage to get a few shots of the kids standing still and looking at the camera.

Sean got a nasty diaper rash.
Meghan puked.
Sean started to get clingy.

I puked.
Sean got a fever. He did not want to eat much and was super clingy all day.

Meghan is coughing up a storm.
Sean still has a fever
I feel like someone has shoved cotton balls up my nose.
I can hear the cat trying to puke in the corner.
I've decided that going to Meghan's dance class is a bad idea.

We are pretty sure that Sean's general unhappiness is because of his teething. I'm trying to keep up with his diaper rash with frequent changes and tons of diaper rash cream.

Not sure if Meghan was really sick or if her issue was caused by not eating dinner the night before and then downing milk in the morning.

I don't know what the hell my problem is but I am hoping it will be cured by drugs and coffee.

I am very behind in laundry because of the puke incident which is going to make packing for our whirlwind Thanksgiving tour fun. I actually had a dream last night that someone told me we we going to Moscow*** and I had to get the family packed to leave in 30 minutes. I was panicking. In my dream. Ugh.

Meghan's supposed to go to preschool today but I plan on making the go/no go call in about 2 hours or so.

*Which is a totally separate incident from when she walked into a doorknob.

**My days are running together. I honestly cannot distinguish one from another.

***I am pretty sure this was influenced by "The Amazing Race".