Monday, June 02, 2008

Aaaand, we're back

Sorry about the posting drought. I've been busy. Not sure what I've been busy doing. Perhaps I'll created a bulleted list to help me remember.

  • Went to visit family Memorial Day weekend. Sean did not stop walking/running the entire time. Poor little guy gave himself a blister (note to self: buy better baby shoes)

  • Discovered Meghan loves bugs. And taking hikes in the woods. She must get that from her father because its not me.

  • Still have not completely unpacked from that trip (oops).

  • Still doing the Grocery Game. Saved more than enough to cover the website fee and cost of our Sunday paper.

  • Oil heater is dying a slow death. We had no hot water on Memorial Day. Furnace guy came and got it working again. The next day our friendly neighborhood firefighter came into our house while we were at work to hit the emergency oil switch. Apparently there was enough smoke coming out of our chimney to cause concern. Repair guy came again and got it up an running. We are still working on this one....

  • Sean seems to be doing good on his asthma medicine. Only one small attack in the last few weeks. We have his 15 month checkup today.

  • Saturday we went to see Backyardagins Live. Both kids loved it. Meghan was mesmerized. Sean was dancing and clapping along.

  • Watched the Lost finale (that was Tivo'd on our TivoHD). It was amazing and I am not sure if I can wait until it come back on the air.

  • Cleaned out the freezer using freezer totes to organize it. There is still no room for anything else in there.

  • Ordered way too many Poptarts from They were on sale. And free shipping. And dairy-free. So its Poptarts every day for everyone.

  • Took Meghan to look at a Preschool. She seemed to like it there so I think we will be sending her in the fall.

  • Just realized yesterday that we can take our bucket of coins to the Coinstar machine at the market and trade in for an Amazon gift card. No extra charge for counting coins. Cool. I spend a ton there anyway because we use their Subscription service to get our diapers and wipes. (You know, plus Poptarts and stuff.)

And here are some token cell phone pictures (because my other cameras are still packed).

Meghan after her Preschool visit.

Sean in his Mickey outfit.