Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot, Hotter, Oh My It's Hot


Spring? Hello? Where are you?

It is very hot here. And yes, I realize that it is probably hotter elsewhere but this is New England people. It is not supposed to be this hot this soon. It is just sticky and uncomfortable.

The heat never used to bother me this much. I went for years without any air conditioning. No problem. But, back then, if it was too hot to move, I just did not move. It was just me. I did not have to cook, or clean, or do laundry if i didn't want to. Everything could wait. And I definitely did not have to chase after anyone else. I think that made it much easier to tolerate the heat. But now, um, no. The heat is not my friend.

Ryan installed all the air conditioners this past weekend (yippee) and one or another has been running ever since. Except for yesterday while we were at work. But when I came home you would have thought our house was an oven. I had to turn on the one for the living room (which really just barely makes the room livable). Poor Meghan sweats ALOT. Her entire head was wet with little curls sticking to her face. And she must have had about a half gallon of lemonade in about 20 minutes. See, if the children would just learn to sit and not move then perhaps we could all tolerate the heat.

Although today would be a day I would not mind sitting in my over air conditioned office I am at home sitting in a pool of my own sweat instead. Our new dishwasher is getting installed today. I am pretty excited about this. The children, however, will be less than pleased when they realize their alphabet magnets no longer stick to the new stainless steel dishwasher. This was a big problem when we replaced the refrigerator. But Meghan reluctantly accepted the magnet move to the dishwasher. Now, we have nothing left in the kitchen to stick them too. I think I will have to buy some sort of magnetic board to hang on the wall.

While I am home alone I am trying to get a few things done. I did some laundry and finally uploaded a bunch of photos to Webshots. (The month of May must have been just a big loss because we only took pictures ONE DAY!?!) And after I finish this post I plan to start to go through the kids drawers and find the clothes that no longer fit them. Ah, the fun never ends.