Friday, June 20, 2008

Sean's Busy Day

Sean had a very busy day yesterday.

8:30 - Dropped Meghan off at daycare

9:15 - Arrive at doctor''s office for blood and urine test. Because he has some elevated pH levels in the past they wanted to do one more test to make sure all was okay or see if a kidney specialist should be added to his list of doctors.

9:15-9:45 - Wait and wait and wait. Not so patiently.

9:45-ish - Woman calls Sean's name and wals out of the room with a cup. Um, sorry lady, he is not going to pee in that thing. Please go get a bag.

9:50-ish - Nurse tapes bag to the poor little guy.

9:55-ish - Sean downs 80z of soy milk

10:05-ish - He gets called in for his blood test. Thankfully they only had to stick him once this time.

10:10-ish - Check bag for pee

10:12 - Check bag for pee

10:15 - Check bag for pee

10:16-ish - I opened up a juice box to help sped things along and before I could fill the bottle he went. The nurse removed the bag and we headed out the door.

Sometime between 10:30 and 10:45 - We went to Snip-Its to get Sean's haircut. He was so good. All the other little boys there were crying but he just sat there looking around. He pouted once when on little kid got really upset but that was it.

11:15 - Arrived home for a quick lunch.

11:45 - Back in the car to head to our next doctor appointment.

12:15 - Arrive at pulmonologist* with a stinky diaper. I wish he could have held that in until after he was weighed because he probably lost a few ounces. He still only weighs 19 lbs 3 ounces. The doctor reviewed his chart and x-rays again. He said we can go down to only one dose of Flo-vent a day. He also wanted to get one more chest x-ray to see if everything cleared up.

12:45 - 1:00 - In Radiology waiting room at the hospital Sean poo'd again. I took off looking for the bathroom and found that there was no changing area there. I asked where I could change his diaper. They said the only place was a table in one of the x-ray room and asked what we were there for. I said he was there for an x-ray so they shuffled through the papers of waiting patients and found his order. We got to jump to the front of the line. Good job Sean!

He was really good during his x-ray and only cried a little bit.

1:30 - We finally got back home. Sean had fallen asleep in the car so I moved him to his crib.

It was a very busy day and we still had more errands to run later in the evening. But, Sean is such a good baby he does not mind being schlepped around and poked at. Now we just wait for all the results.

*Blogger spellchecker never knows what to do with this word.

***Updated to add: Blood test came back fine but urine test had a slightly elevated pH. Results were sent to a specialist to see if we need to go see a nephrologist.