Thursday, June 12, 2008

To the Crazy Driver in the maroon SUV

Dear Crazy Lady from Newton*,

I am sorry if you were just trying to get my attention to get directions. But, to be perfectly honest, you frightened me just a little. Before you were smiling and waving at me you were driving pretty erratically. Not only did you forget who had the right of way, but once you turned in front of me you could not pick a lane. You swerved back and forth and back and forth before settling in the middle of the 2 lanes. So, as I cautiously pulled up next to you at the red light and noticed you were trying to get my attention I did my best to avoid eye contact. You are either way to friendly or crazy**. And I cannot deal with either. And if you did want directions it was probably best not to get them from me anyway***. Oh, and if I am supposed to know who you are, oops, my bad.


*I am assuming you are from Newton based on bumper stickers and such. I suppose you could be from Needham or Weston, or any other surrounding town.

**Perhaps it is unfair to call you crazy. It is very possible you were just drunk.

*** Have I ever mentioned the time my roommate and I tried to get to the Prudential center while walking in Boston? I think we circled the city many, many times as we spiraled our way to it.