Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why is this so difficult?

New dishwasher installed? Not so much.

Yes, we went to the store without any measurements. But, we specifically asked the sales guy if they were standard sizes and he said yes.

Then the installer arrived and walked into the kitchen (5 minutes past the time frame we were given).

Installer plumber guy: "No way. Not gonna work"
Me: "Whaaa?"

Yup, that's pretty much how that went. His best guess is that whatever previous owner remodeled our kitchen must have built everything up around the dishwasher. So there is not enough clearance to get the new one in. And there may be 2 dishwashers out there that might just fit. And when he does install one it is gonna cost extra because he will have to "hack apart" the existing one to get it out. And he may have to take up some of the floor. Wonderful.

So I took a look online at the dishwashers he suggested. I cannot find one of them anywhere. The other one? $500 more than the one we originally bought.

As I see it, our options are:

  1. Continue to wash everything by hand.
  2. Move entirely to paper products and never cook again.
  3. Spend over a thousand dollars to buy and install a new special sized wizbang dishwasher
  4. Remodel entire kitchen so a normal dishwasher will fit.
  5. Move

Honestly, I cannot think about this anymore. It is too aggravating.