Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Maybe everyone should just stop poking at him and let him be

Sean's blood work came back "really good". I'm not sure if this means they no longer think it is necessary to send him to the renal specialist. That would be my guess but the nurse who called with the results knew nothing else about it.

As I was waiting for the results, I went and looked at Meghan's growth chart data. Turns out that she weighed a few ounces less than him at the same appointment. Maybe our guy is just like his sister. Maybe he is meant to be a little dude. I think that all the problems he has had (pyloric stenosis, milk allergy, asthma, pneumonia) had everyone concerned about his weight. Those things caused him to drop off his growth curve for awhile but he is slowly moving back up. And yes, if he did not have those things then maybe he would weigh a little more than he does now. I am beginning to think there is really nothing wrong with his weight. He is just small. He gets weighed every 2 weeks or so and his weight appears to be bouncing. But maybe if Meghan had been weighed every 2 weeks she would have had the same results. Who knows.


In my quest to find more food for Sean I discovered that some Pop-Tarts have no milk. And there was a sale at Amazon so I bought a bunch of these:

Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Cinnamon Roll, 8-Count Boxes (Pack of 12)

There was a buy $50 worth of merchandise and get $20 off plus free shipping sale. So now we have exactly 192 Pop-tarts that were delivered yesterday. Thankfully he had one this morning and seems to like it. It's Pop-Tarts for everyone (everyday).

I've also started adding his Earth Balance "buttery spread" to everything hoping that it adds a few extra calories and some fat to his diet.

His next appointment is on June 19th. We will see what we can do between now and then.