Thursday, May 22, 2008


This past Friday we finally got our TivoHD setup. It is the Best. Thing. Ever.

We never watch anything live anymore. Everything is Tivo'd. So since, until now, our only Tivo was hooked upstairs to our non-HD TV that is what we have been watching. Once a week we may watch live TV if were are two shows on at the same time. You see, our old school Tivo could only record one thing at a time. Imagine that.

But now, now we are good. The TivoHD can record 2 shows at once and we still have the Tivo upstairs which can record a third. We never have to watch live Tivo again. I'm giddy with excitement.

On a sort of related note, we Tivo'd the American Idol Finale last night so we could start watching it an hour and a half into its 2 hours and then skip past the commercials and the ridiculousness of most of it. As we neared the end I started to get a bit worried. How were they going to have time to announce the winner. There are only 2 minutes left on the recording and Ryan Seacrest is still babbling. Will someone please shut him up and just tell me who won. And then, it happened. We heard something similar to "and the winner of American Idol season 7 by 12 million votes is...." and then nothing. The damn recording stopped. Stupid show was running late. We had no clue how won. I was using my phone to surf around the web to try and find the winner but at this point it was only about 5 past 10 so nothing was updated yet. I had to call my mom to get the results. Ok, lesson learned. Now that we have a Tivo that can record 2 shows at once we should put a buffer on American Idol.

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Anonymous said...

TiVo was sent here by aliens who want to lull us into a beautiful non-live TV stupor so we won't be paying attention when they take over the planet. And I love them for it.

Thank you, evil space aliens, for bringing us TiVo. *dabbing tears of pure unadulterated joy*