Sunday, May 18, 2008

This week in far

I tried the Grocery Game again this week. My grocery store bill was originally $104.98 and I saved $26.50.

I had hoped to buy more but this week was more difficult:

  • I had Meghan with me. It is hard to think with all of her babbling. (Seriously, the child does not shut up. Her new thing, asking "what happens next?")
  • I went to an unfamiliar store. We went to BJs first so i hit the market next door. Not the one I usually go to. So I had no idea where everything was.
  • A lot of the stuff I wanted to buy was missing from the shelves. I was not able to buy any of the meat listed on sale because the did not have any out. There were a few other things that were missing. I would have tried to get rain checks but I really just wanted to get out of there.

I did get a bunch of stuff a BJs as well. I saved $28.49 there just by bringing coupons that were about to expire for stuff I usually buy anyway.

I am waiting until the CVS list comes out so I can stop there later in the week.