Monday, May 05, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

..will happen without us.

I spent part of the morning canceling our trip to Las Vegas. We were supposed to go on Thursday. Not gonna do it.

Sean had another respiratory issue last Thursday. Things were very hectic as I tried to calm him down and get him breathing normally by giving him nebulizer treatments but nothing was working. Sooooo, we ended up in the ER. Again.

This time was not as bad as last time. I did call an ambulance because Ryan was not home at the time. They gave Sean another nebulizer treatment in the ambulance and that one started to work on him. They did not have to give him an IV and he did not get admitted. We were able all go home four hours later.

The doctors believe this may be asthma aggravated by allergies. We have a lab test tomorrow and an appointment with the Pulmonolgist on Wednesday. Let's hope they figure something out.