Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am almost afraid to write that things seem to be settling down around here.

We had Sean's appointment with the pulmonary specialist on Wednesday. He reviewed Sean's records and believes that what he has is a mild case of asthma and everything we have experience so far was just a bunch of bad luck. Nice. He did confirm that he did have pneumonia a few weeks ago and said that the nebulizer treatments may have actually been making things worse. So now we have asthma medicine to give him twice a day, and that is it. No more nebulizer treatments. No more steroids. No more waking up at 2AM to give him a nebulizer treatment. far so good. He HATES the asthma inhaler because we have to put a mask over his face. We are hoping he gets used to it.

There has also been progress with Sean's eating. Although he is still not gaining as much as we had hoped (he lost weight with all the drama the past 3 weeks), he is moving to more and more solid food. He now eats:

sweet potatoes
pasta w/ketchup
macaroni and "chreese" (stuff smells nasty)
soy yogurt
Gorilla Banana Waffles
green beans (surprise!)
fruit cocktail
mixed fruit
cream of wheat
graham crackers
Gerber puffs
oatmeal cinnamon cookies

Tomorrow we may try eggs again or chicken nuggets.

Let's hope this post did not just jinx everything.