Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seaside 2008

Here is the Seaside Recap. I should really write these things while I am there. Because, at this point, I am ready to just post some pictures and videos and be done with it. I've already posted a few pictures here , here , here and here.

Last week we made our way to Seaside Heights once again. We could not have possible fit anything else in the car.

But we did manage to find room for the kids.

This year we went a lot later than usual. We arrived for Labor Day weekend. There were a lot of people there as to be expected. But, come Tuesday, the place was like a ghost town. Beaches were empty, streets were quiet, some of the rides and some of the games on the boardwalk shut down. It was nice to be there when it was so quiet. However, because things shut down, Meghan and Sean were not able to do some of the things we wanted them to.

Both kids loved the beach this time. There was no complaining about the sand.

Seaside - Kids on Beach from Dorene on Vimeo.

We had the same issue with Sean as we did in Turks & Caicos. The kid refuses to sleep on the beach. He would fall asleep in his stroller after a walk on the boardwalk but it would only last so long.

Meghan was her made sure she stayed stylish even though she was on vacation.

Both kids LOVED the Carousel. It was really the only ride that remained open so they rode it twice. We have video below.

WARNING: The video below may not be suitable for those who are prone to motion sickness. Please take caution while viewing. It is not advisable to watch 1-2 hours after eating or while eating. Having a barf bag within reach is advisable. You have been warned.

Seaside - This will make you dizzy from Dorene on Vimeo.

Overall, great trip. Everyone had a blast. We are not sure we would go back this same time next year. It is better to have everything open for the kids. Now I have to go finish unpacking (yes, still not done), but, I will leave you with even more Seaside images and video just in case you did not get enough.

Seaside Heights 2008

Seaside - Empty Beach
Seaside - Checking out the ocean