Monday, September 08, 2008

Sean: Eighteen Month Stats

Now that we have returned home from vacation we have also returned to our weekly visit (or so it seems) to the doctor.

Today's visit was a normal, run of the mill, stick him with needles, eighteen month checkup. He did great, as always. I swear this child is just used to people poking and prodding him. He got some immunization. The doctor checked out his slightly odd foot position and walk*. She was not worried for now. He does walk with his feet turned out a bit but we are going to go with wearing supportive shoes and wait and see.

As for his you go:

Weight: 20.8 lbs.
Height: 33.5 inches.

So he gained a bit more than a pound in about three months. Good, not great. The good news is he is gaining weight and following along his normal curve. The not great is that his normal curve is not even on the chart. But look, he did get almost 3 inches taller. That's something, right?

We have to go back in 3 months for a weight check. But that is nothing. He has at least 2 more appointments with other doctors between now and then.....

Hey look, an actual vacation picture!

I know, I know. I'll get to that post eventually.....

* I don't think I've mentioned the foot thing here. His one foot kinda turns over. It looks like he is standing on his ankle.