Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let Me Show You: Little Bear

Since you all got to meet Bunny, I thought it was only fair to introduce you to Little Bear next.

Little Bear is Sean's best friend. Just like Meghan, Sean latched on to a soft cuddly object that is a requirement for a good night's sleep. Unlike his sister's Bunny, Little Bear is one of a kind. We have no spare.

I'm pretty sure that Little Bear came attached to something else. Like he was not the main attraction of the gift. Maybe he was a gift card holder. Perhaps he was part of a gift basket. Your guess is as good as mine*.

What is very clear to me is how attached Sean is to this bear. You should see his face light up when you hand Little Bear to him. He rarely settles in his crib until he is snuggled up with Little Bear. Recently, Sean has insisted on carrying Little Bear around the house with him. Occasionally nibbling on his ear and giving big kisses. It is the cutest thing ever.

*Or maybe your guess is better than mine. Seriously, if anyone knows where I can find another one, please, let me know.