Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How is MY week going????

I think they are trying to kill. Or make me kill myself. Either way, I am fighting back.

Some things are not their fault. Like Sean pooing just about every 30 minutes. Including while we are not at home or near any convenient changing facility. Or our schedule on Tuesdays where we have to zoom home and inhale lunch before flying back to make preschool in time.

But others....

Like now, where Sean is insisting in hanging over our banister no matter how many times I tell him no.

Or Meghan sucking down her juice or milk and having to pee every 5 minutes. And deciding that she needs to not only wash her hands but also brush her teeth. Every time she pees. I must have cleaned up globs of toothpaste 5 times today.

Also, Sean got his first ever timeout* today.

For doing this.

That's right, has decided to test gravity over and over and over again by throwing EVERYTHING down the stairs. This is what is pushing me over the edge today (no pun intended) .

(ARGH!!! Something else just went over the edge. Timeout number 2.)

And I realize that this is normal. The throwing of the toys that is. But some of the stuff is pretty damn heavy and breakable. And I fear for both the toy and our hardwood stairs. And the window at the bottom of them. And also the cat who was not quick enough to get out of the way.

So now I am just waiting it out until bed time. For everyone.

* I am not even really sure that timeouts work at his age. But saying no wasn't working. And the kid has a one track mind so redirection doesn't do it either. He is one determined little bugger.

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SimplyBillie said...

LOL! Looks like he had fun, though! With the toys that is...