Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let Me Show You: Bunny

Meet Bunny. Bunny has been with us for about 3.5 years now. And, Bunny looks like he has been loved for at least that long. When Meghan was born she had a multitude of soft cuddly things. A parent never knows what their child will latch on to. Meghan latched onto this little guy.

Bunny was a present from Meghan's first daycare provider. Once I saw that Bunny was here to stay I quickly went out and bought a spare. So now we have Bunny (pictured above) and Spare Bunny. Spare Bunny only makes an appearance when Bunny is dirty or has been misplaced at bedtime. Meghan will reluctantly sleep with Spare bunny, if she must. But, Bunny (or Real Bunny as she sometimes calls him) better be there when she wakes.

One should note that although Bunny has lovely pink satin, he is a boy. He is occasionally referred to as Mr. Bunny.

Bunny has seen better days. The satin in his ears is no longer pink. His fur has turned from from a lovely white to a dingy gray. Bunny has also had his head surgically reattached.

I searched in vain trying to find yet another replacement for Bunny. No other bunny will do. Google, EBay, Amazon. The Internet has failed me. So we need to keep a very close eye on this little guy. It will be a dark, dark day if Bunny ever goes missing for longer than a nap.


Let Me Show you will be a new feature here where I introduce you to the things that make up our world. The idea is to take a peek at simple everyday objects that have some particular importance to our family.

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Z said...

AW!!! I had my own version of a bunny (my "blankie") as a child, and I loved (actually, still do) that thing... Unfortunately for my parents, it was a handmade blanket, so there was no replacing it... Which is why it is now a brownish/tannish rag... So - good luck with the spare Bunny search!!!