Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Tuesday, right? Right?

I've been trying out some new scheduling tools this week. This stay at home mom thing is messing with my head schedule-wise. I have to think twice (or three or four times) just to remember what day it is. And then try to remember what we are supposed to do on that day.

This is really not a new problem I suppose. At work I lived by my Outlook Calendar. If a reminder did not pop-up and tell me I needed to be somewhere then forget it. It did not matter if I had the same meeting every Tuesday at 10:00. Or even if it was my meeting. I needed that reminder to get me there. Birthdays? In the calendar. Doctor's appointments? In the calendar. Task lists? In the calendar.

So now here I am at home without my trusty calendar. Every day I fear that I am missing something. Getting through the summer was not too bad. I just had to remember that the cleaning people come every other week. And then I depended on other people to call and remind me about doctor appointments. I would then repeat it to myself for the next day so I would not forget. Not the best system.

Now that I have more things to remember, you know, like dropping Meghan off to school, or dance class, or final days for fundraisers, on top of the doctors and other things, I needed to find a solution.

This weekend I set up Google Calendar. I also registered at Remember the Milk and linked it to Google Calendar. Then I signed up for Gmail and forwarded my other account to that one. So now I am all connected. Appointments and tasks have been scheduled. I have reminders sent to email and my phone. And I feel much better about it.

We will see how well this works. I'd like to schedule in some things I need to get done around the house. And I may get all crazy and try and plan out the days better so I am not wasting time surfing the web. And perhaps I should add a reminder to shower. It might help.

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Val said...

i don't know what i would do without gmail and the google calendar. i set up reminders for all my bills and have it email me a week before they are due. i'm obsessed with checking my email, so i always see those reminders in my inbox. then once i pay it i delete it.