Sunday, September 14, 2008


Today Ryan left for a business trip which leaves me with the kids. Outnumbered.

Which is, you know, fine. It is just very quiet here now. When I am home alone I tend to hear every creak in the house. I think I'll take advantage of the Advil PM we have tonight.

The kids were actually pretty good tonight. Sean even let me give him his inhaler without a fight. So far, so good.

The one parent/two kids week did not start out so well. But it had nothing to do with the kids. We took off for BJs right after Ryan left for the airport. Here was what I experienced:

  • Um, when did it get so humid, icky and muggy? My hair puffed up to double its normal puffy size as soon as I stepped out of the car.
  • Why, oh why do I always get the WORST CART EVER? After lifting over 50lbs worth of kids into the cart I realized that it was screeching louder than my toddler.
  • How do you get me to not over-shop? Make me push an obnoxiously loud cart.
  • How come I can never find the products they have in the coupon mailer?
  • The main thing I absolutely needed to get, the product we were out of, the reason we went shopping, was to buy soy milk. Guess what they did not have?

So, needless to say I was happy to get home. Even if it was to a house currently missing one family member.