Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Weekend Update and Other Random-ness

I meant to post an update yesterday but work got in the way. Here are some highlights:

Did do:

  • Took Sean for a checkup on Friday. Left with instructions to get even more drugs. He needs to keep up his regular nebulizer treatments (ever 4 hours) and the doctor added one more bedtime treatment this time with a steroid. Oh, and he now has an ear infection. We need to keep all this going until at least Friday when we go for another follow-up.
  • Saw NKOTB on the Today show since I was home anyway.....
  • Took Sean to Gymboree class and let him infect other children. He probably caught what he has from some walking germ last week.
  • Finally made it to BJ's to replenish paper goods in house. We were running low on everything so we took a family outing to the store. Now we're good for awhile.
  • Fixed the gate at the top of the stairs. Sean now has a lot more freedom and seems extremely happy to explore.
  • Hung the coat hooks in Meghan and Sean's room that have been on the dining room table for about 2 months.
  • Started reading a new book (only made it to page 30 but it's a start).
  • Got video of Sean's first steps - I would post it here but I had to take it with our actual mini-dvd video camera instead of the digital camera because the batteries dies (see "Did not do" below) so I need to wait until I finalize the dvd before I can upload it to the web.
  • Ryan went golfing

Did not do:

  • Food shopping
  • Laundry - ok, I did some but not nearly as much as I should have
  • Try on new dress I bought to attend a wedding
  • Get Sean's 1 year pictures taken
  • Charge camera batteries - seriously, it would take 30 seconds to plug them in.
  • About 500 other things I wanted to do but am too lazy to type here.