Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Aquarium - 2008

We went to the New England Aquarium (in Meghan speak, the "equarian" or the "hairium") yesterday. I just downloaded my pictures and most of them turned out crappy. But, I'll post a few that won't give you a migraine.

This is school vacation week in MA. So I new we would avoid the field trip crowd but I had no idea what kind of a turnout to expect. Oh. My. Lord. It was CROWDED. I think we stood in line for tickets longer than we were actually in the aquarium (Note to self: Buy advanced tickets next time). This was the day after the Boston Marathon so it looked like there were several people in line who probably participated in the event and stuck around to see the city. It was also a bit cooler out than I expected. I forgot to factor in the sea breeze when dressing myself. The kids, however, seemed comfy in their jackets. Plus the wait in line allowed Sean to enjoy his snack alfresco.

Put down the camera and give me more food woman.

It was at least pretty outside.

Once inside it was difficult to move. Especially with the double stroller. But Meghan always seemed to find a way to wiggle herself to the front of the pack to see whatever what swimming around in the tanks. Sean also seemed to enjoy looking at all the colorful fish.

The one penguin shot that was not blurry.

Where are we????

Okay. A little blurry. But not NEARLY as awful as others.

The light here was killing me.

Our original plan was to stay there for lunch but Ryan and I were both DONE with the people after we made the loop around the place. It was way past lunch and everyone was tired and hungry. So, we decided to head back to the car and scope out a less crowded place to eat. It did not take long before this happened.

And this.

We ended up at Friendly's. Meghan got to pick out whatever she wanted and Sean ate just about everything in his lunch box. The waitress also almost dripped poisonous ice cream on his head. Close call but we all survived.