Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to Work

I am back to work today after a weekend + of chaos. Here is a recap because, honestly, I am too tired to type the full story.

If you remember, Sean has had a cold for awhile and was put on a nebulizer. But he seemed to be doing much better and we were going to begin to try and reduce the neb treatments down from every 4 hours. Well, we never got a chance to do that.

Morning - Sean was doing great. Eating well, playing, smiling, sleeping.
11:30AM - Sean went to Gymboree.
12:30PM - Lunch and then nap
3:00PM - Sean was up and Meghan never napped. It was a nice day so we went outside. Sean practiced walking and then we went on a ride in the wagon.
3:30PM-ish - snack time
4:00PM - Here is where things started going bad. Sean started to struggle to breathe. We gave him a neb treatment early. He was pretty grumpy. I cannot remember if he slept after this (it was a long weekend).
6:00PM - Dinner time. He really did not want to eat or drink. We gave him another treatment and his steroid treatment then a bath.
7:00PM-ish - He fell asleep.
11:30PM-ish - Meghan woke up moaning and coughing. Worked herself up to the point where she puked (but in the trashcan).

12:00AM - ish - Sean woke up coughing and puked all over crib. His breathing was very rapid. We gave him another neb treatment but this did nothing for him
1:00AM - Sean and I were on our way to ER.
1:00AM - 7:00 AM - Lots going on and I have lost all track of time. He was given neb treatments, an IV. Drugs through the IV, blood tests done. Constant monitoring. Chest x-rays. Monitoring. They were able to stabilize his breathing pretty quickly so that was a relief. Most of the time was trying to keep him stable and figure out what was wrong. He was constantly moving and knocking off his monitors and IV. Once he was able to drink they could not track down any soy milk so he was even more grumpy. By 6AM they determined he did not need to go to the PICU but he was going to get admitted to the children's ward.
7:00AM - We were moved to a room. Someone found soy milk and he had some cheerios. No more IV so he had some freedom.
12:00PM-ish - Ryan came to take my place so I could go home and get some sleep.
12:30PM - Doctor told Ryan Sean could go home that day.
5:00PM - Ryan called and said attending doc said nope, he has to stay. Thankfully Ryan stayed the night because at that point I still had not gotten any sleep. Meghan refused to nap. She did, however, sing a lullaby to try and help me fall asleep.

8:00AM -ish - I got to hospital with breakfast and caffeine. Sean was happy but refused to sleep in the crib all night, only on Ryan.
12:00PM-ish - We ate lunch.
Sometime around this time we were told that yes, we can go home that day. They set us up with more prescriptions and a follow-up appointment for the next day.
2:00PM-ish - arrived home

8:30AM - Follow-up with pediatrician
Rest of day - Medications, neb treatments, no napping.

So, what happened? It really seems like we were given just a bunch of guesses. The prevailing theory is asthma, allergies and pneumonia (oh my!). His oxygen levels were way off when he arrived. The x-ray showed...something. The blood test showed some type of infection. We were prescribed steroids and antibiotics. Need to continue every 4 hour breathing treatments. Also, we were told to add 1/3 teaspoon of Zyrtec at bedtime and that, if this happens again, we could always use his epi pen to help with his breathing while on the way to the hospital. We are going to go see a Pulmonolgist as well.

And now it is Wednesday and Ryan and I are both back at work. We are going to have to miss a wedding this weekend because we don't feel comfortable taking Sean far away from home. Oh, and Meghan is complaining that her ear hurts. Great.

The good news? We have next week off!