Friday, April 25, 2008

Because we had not been there for almost a WEEK!

Guess where I was yesterday? Anyone? That's right, the doctor's office.

This time it was Meghan. She has had a cough for a few weeks now. One that keeps her (and us) up at night. We've tried a bunch of different things. Assuming it was her allergies (we had the same problem last year), we put her on on allergy medicine. No luck. Added a cough medicine at night. Still no luck. Tried Sean's allergy medicine. Nothing. We even tried honey. Nope.

The coughing is only part of it. Every night around midnight or so she would wake up crying and coughing and moaning which lead to more coughing and crying which lead to gagging and, on a few occasions, puking.

Sean is now finally sleeping though the night and we dropped his 2AM nebulizer treatment so we all really just want a full night's sleep. So perhaps taking Meghan to the doctor was partially a selfish move. But, hey, we all need sleep.

We saw the nurse practitioner and, although she was not 100% sure, she thought it might be a sinus infection. So we left with a prescription and a glimmer of hope that sleep might be around the corner.

Meghan did sleep better last night. Only waking once coughing and putting herself back to sleep. I don't think the antibiotic had anything to do with it because she just took in one time. Perhaps the allergy medicine finally kicked in. Maybe she was just as exhausted as the rest of us. Who knows. I'm just glad something is working.