Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hernia Watch - Update

Meghan was up all night last night. She was moaning and whining. And then she threw up all over Ryan. There was puke on her rug and toys as well. (That has provided some motivation to clean the toys off her floor. If only so I don't have to clean vomit out of toy crevices, again.)

The rest of the night was moaning and coughing. At least every hour. Drugs did not help. She finally fell asleep around 6AM (yes - you guessed it, right when Sean woke up). Ryan and I are guzzling coffee right now.

Meghan has her ultrasound appointment for her hernia today and I am hoping she wakes up OK because it took over a month to get the appointment. Plus she better wake up soon because she cannot eat or drink for 4 hour before the appointment.


8:05AM - She is awake and GRUMPY.
We are giving her cheerios and juice (because I avoid all milk based stuff after a puke incident. I almost lost it myself last night trying to clean it up).

I'll come back later and let you know how the ultrasound went.

2:20PM - Well we are back. We survived a morning of "I'm hungry" and "I want some candy" and about an hour of the doctor and ultrasound tech trying to find her hernia while she was moaning and crying. And....nothing. So the good news is that, as of now, no surgery is needed. If we see the little bulge again we need to go back but we have not noticed it for weeks.

Only one more scheduled doctors appointment to go this week. And then, there is next week....