Saturday, June 13, 2009

Three hours chasing Meghan around a farm.


Last weekend Meghan went to a party at Stowe Farm Orchard.  I had never been there.  No idea that it even existed.  But she had a great time.

It was H-O-T hot out there.  Meghan is a sweaty kid to begin with so her head was sopping wet by the time we left.  There was a lot to keep the kids busy there.  My goal was to get out of there before it became necessary for either one of us to use the one port-a-potty available.

The first thing Meghan did was make a beeline for the pen of puppies for sale.


There was a hayride for the kids.  I could not get Meghan to look at the camera if my life depended on it.

IMG_0488 She’s the one is Sean’s tan hat.  Yup, I forgot her hat AND the sunblock.

The farm has an area where the kids can do their own mining for pretty stones.  We came home with a bag full of rocks.  I’m not sure what I am supposed to do with them but the water did help cool her down a bit.


The one activity Meghan had been looking forward too since the day she got the invite was the pony ride.


That was NOT a pony.  I think I know a horse when I see one.

IMG_0507 Pony, horse, it didn’t matter.  She had a blast and we made it home before the potty became an issue.  Win-win.


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