Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Should I worry?


I asked Meghan to draw a picture for her teachers.  The idea was to scan it and make it into a card.   

“Oh”, she said.  “I’ll draw Mickey Mouse.” 

Great.  Sounds like a plan.

This is what I got:



Where should I start?

Um, color choices?  I am pretty sure that Mickey is not red and green.  But I can overlook that considering the state of our crayon box.

Me: What is that red dot?

Meghan: His belly button.

Me: Meghan, where are his ears?

Meghan: He doesn’t have any ears.

Me: ?????

Meghan: They are behind his head.


Me: What about his arms?

Meghan: They are behind his back.

Hmm, sure.

Me: Meghan, one more thing.  What is this?

Meghan: That’s his poopies coming out.




I supposed it could be worse.

We are working on a new picture.