Monday, June 01, 2009

I am looking forward to next week.


This week is Meghan’s dance recital.  And although I cannot wait to see her on the stage the stuff that needs to be done leading up to that point is causing me stress.

Tuesday is her dress rehearsal.  I need to get her to the theater buy a certain time.  A theater I have never been to in a city in which I am not comfortable driving*.  Plus it is in the middle of a work day and we were told that parking may be challenging.  Perfect.  In addition she needs to arrive there in full costume and ready to go.  This means hair neatly done in a ballerina bun (with hairnet), appropriate amount of makeup on**, and foufy yellow costume with a full tutu attached on her body.  I have no idea how I’m going to buckle her in her car seat dressed like that.  Not to mention keeping the costume in one piece and clean so she can wear it for the recital on Saturday.  I have enough trouble getting her from the house to preschool without her walking into something dirty.  I am seriously considering pulling the car out of the garage and carrying her into it.  Because I would have no idea how to approach cleaning that thing.


*Although Boston is bigger I am more comfortable there.  At least if I get lost there there are many places I can get to that I know will lead me to someplace I know.

**What exactly is an appropriate amount for a 4 year old?