Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Recital


Saturday was Meghan dance recital.  Here is what we learned:

  1. Little girls are adorable in little dance costumes with tutus.
  2. So is a little boy dancing in a little tuxedo.
  3. Preschool dance routines are hilarious.
  4. There is only so much dancing one should be required to watch in a day.
  5. The school grossly underestimated how long the show would run.
  6. If you lose someone in the caravan on the way there it is not easy to guide them back through Worcester.  Especially if the person doing the guiding really has no idea what the street names are.

Meghan was one of the first groups to perform.  She did great.  All of the girls kept gravitating to the middle of the stage so they can see their teacher.  Meghan kept getting a bit crowded by the girls next to her which threw her off a bit.  But it was really cute.  We were not allow to take video or use flash photography.  But I did record her rehearsal.


The Rehearsal from Dorene on Vimeo.


Overall it was a cute show.  However, it was really way too long.  Poor Sean had to sit through it all.  He made it most of the way through without causing a fuss.  He got so excited when Meghan was on stage.  He kept trying to stand on my lap and was yelling “Meme!  Mama, Meme!!”  (Yes, he calls Meghan Meme.)

We did take some pictures after the show.


The dance school already sent the dates (and costume bill) for next year’s recital.  At least now we know what to expect.


Unknown said...

I see they appropriately gave meghan the blue ribbon for cuteness!

Evan and Lauren's Cool Blog said...

I love it. Love dance recitals. Lauren has a mini one on Friday. She is taking a 1/2 ballet, 1/2 tap class. So cute!

krista said...

i like it when meghan just sat down in the rehearsal.