Monday, June 29, 2009

This has been our summer so far.


I’ve been pretty bad about updating lately.  I don’t know why.  It’s not like we have been spending time outside.  So, in an effort to bring this blog back up to date, here is what I can remember about the last week or so.

Rain – It’s been endless.  And quite depressing.  And it is still raining today.  Moving on…

In an effort to do something outside the house, I took the kids to story hour at the local Barnes & Nobel.  (Note to self:  Never go to story hour on a rainy day.)  The place was MOBBED.  I was quickly reminded why I don’t like to take Sean to these events.  It’s waaaay too stressful.  Sean kept escaping by weaving his little body through the sea of parents, kids and strollers.  I had to take the long way around to catch him.  One time, as I was making my way to him, I saw him put something in his mouth.  There were too many head in the way for me to see what it was.  When I got closer I realized it was a straw….attached to a milk box.  ACK!  I have never been so happy that he cannot yet drink out of a straw.  Needless to say we left after that.

And speaking of Sean, we were hoping that he would graduate from the Growth and Nutrition center after his last visit.  No such luck.  He gained what is considered below the normal amount of weight between appointments.  So we get to go again in August.

Meghan has become addicted to playing games on the internet.  This is where you can find her while Sean naps:


And, if I don’t get Sean as soon as he wakes up, this is where I find him:




I think I’ll finish this post with our excitement yesterday.  Sean had a tick on him.  That’s right, a tick.  Even though we were stuck inside due to rain.  They are starting to invade the house.

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Sarahviz said...

Trust me, watch out for those damn ticks!