Thursday, July 17, 2008

We are making progress

Sean had an appointment with the Growth and Nutrition clinic. His weight.....19 lbs 14 oz.

On June 19th he weighed 19lbs 3 oz so he is starting to gain some weight. They said he is in the normal range now for weight gain since his last appointment with them. We have another blood and urine test on Tuesday to rule out any Kidney issues and Celiac's Disease. Then nothing until September.

Now that he is so close to the 20lb mark we are going to turn around his car seat. Poor little man has to scrunch his legs up to ride backwards. We will probably do that this weekend.

His food variety has picked up. I've found some additional things he can eat. In addition to the list I posted before, he is now eating:

Fig Newmans
french fries
corn on the cob
Soy banana pudding
Tofutti Cuties
Tyson chicken nuggets
Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese
Annie's Bunny Grahams
hot dogs
potato chips (like father like son)
Tostito chips
Vans waffles
waffles that Momma makes (with Bisquick and soy milk)
"butter" and jelly sandwiches (made with Smart Balance instead of butter or peanut butter)
Grilled "cheese" (made with Tofutti soy cheese slices)
scrambled eggs (w/water or soy milk..not a favorite)

We keep trying to add new things. I'm sure there are some I forgot. I try to give him something similar to what Meghan is eating for lunch or what we are eating for dinner. So far so good. We will see what the test results bring next week.