Thursday, July 10, 2008

I think I am getting too old for this*

Last night was the Bon Jovi concert. I did not get home until about 12:45AM. I am so very, very tired today. But, I am happy I went as Bon Jovi knows how to put on a show.

Since my brain is not fully functioning I'll give you the highlights in bullets.
  • I went with my friend Michelle. She is my cheesy event partner.
  • My GPS took me the WORST way to meet her. I got stuck in traffic had to dodge pedestrians in Harvard Square and find my way around a detour. A 15 minute trip took me about 40 minutes.
  • Our seats were not what you would call close but I did not care. You could still see everything and they had those big screens so there were like 6 Jon Bon Jovis to choose from.
  • Neither one of us new who the opening act was going to be so we were pleasantly surprised when we realized it was the All American Rejects.
  • We saw kids as young as around eight and adults in their 50s (and probably beyond). There was such a wide range of people there all enjoying the show. The kids in front of us who were probably infants (if even born) in the mid-eighties knew every word to every song. Even songs that I forgot or was unfamiliar with. And the older lady next to me was shaking her (generous) bootie** most of the show.
  • I did not bring my camera but I did have my cell. Here is the best shot I could get with that thing (and with the bootie shaking happening next to me).

All in all, it was great. Would do it all again today. Okay, maybe not today. I need some sleep.

* Yes, Jon Bon Jovi is older than me and he was jumping up and down the entire show while I was taking breaks to sit. But, I am pretty sure he was not awake at 6AM that morning.

** Is that the proper way to spell bootie? I've never had to type that word before. Shocking, I know.

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