Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've got nothing

I was hoping this post would be more like "Hey, we know what may be going on with Sean". But, instead, we know really no more than we did last week at this time. Although there has been lots of confusion between then and now.

What happened?

Tuesday - He had his lab appointment for a blood and urine test.

Thursday - I was at the doctor's office to pick up a letter and asked about the results. The nurse found what was available. Urine test: normal. Which is good because that is original the reason we were repeating the labs. His pH level was at the very top of the normal range. Celiac Panel: Uh, not normal? The results were for one of the tests were way low and sent to another lab for further testing. The nurse did not know how to interpret them and our doctor was not back until Monday. OK, so we wait.

Thursday evening - Nurse calls. They got more blood test results and had another doctor look at them. "How is Sean? Is he okay? Any changes the past few day? We are going to call the kidney specialist first thing in the morning and have her take a look at these." Whaaaa? Way to freak me out. Thanks a bunch.

So basically I spent the day searching on the internet (I know, bad) and finding all sorts of horrible things that could be wrong based on the results I had from earlier in the day. (Let me just say this, if you search using the actual medical terms on the results you get actual medical documents which mean absolutely nothing to be but are very frightening. If you search for more basic stuff like "immunoglobulin low", it much easier to understand the results and these were a bit less scary.)

Friday - Nurse calls in the morning. They spoke with the kidney specialist. She is not very concerned because is blood test came back normal last month and she believes the results are due to so problems during testing. (I found out they were concerned about carbon dioxide results that indicated very high acidity in the blood.) Other results from the Celiac panel are not back yet and doctor still not back until Monday.

Weekend - Wait

Monday - I called the office about 3:00 PM to see if our doctor had a chance to review results and what she recommended. Got a call back from a nurse who was not familiar with the whole back story at all. She was relaying a quick message she got from the doctor. Basically, the need a do-over on the blood test. Sample was not good and there was not enough to do further testing. Great. Plus, they do want Sean to see the kidney specialist to make sure they are not missing anything.

Today - Repeat blood test. Sean was so good. He did not cry at all.

Now we are waiting (again) for test results and the referral for the new doctor. We know nothing more than we did last week. And that means this post was a whole lotta of nothing.