Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Day One

Yesterday was my first official day home full-time with the kids. But, it really did not feel any different than the days when I had to stay home to let repair people in. Why? Because I had the oil company here from about 8AM to 3PM fixing our oil burner. Plus, the cable company to set up our phone. So we were pretty much stuck at home all day. We only ventured out to the CVS drive thru after 3PM. I know, thrilling!

Today is not going to be much better. Although we do have more freedom because we are not expecting any repairmen today (fingers crossed), I do not have anything planned other than a trip to the grocery store. Hopefully next week I will be able to take the kids someplace fun. This week we have a bunch to do around here and there is just a lot going on.

Today - Ryan has a softball game
Tomorrow - I am going to see a Bon Jovi concert
Thursday - Hmm, this may be free
Friday - I have an appointment at the doctors office and we head to visit Grandmom and Pop Pop.

There are a bunch of things I would like to/need to get done this week:
- Finally catch up on laundry
- Pack
- Take my car for an oil change
- Get my car washed
- Clean out my car (It's kind of a mess right now)
- Go to Picture People, assuming the bruise on Sean's head goes away. That kid is a little stuntman.

So far today I reconfigured our ghetto air conditioner setup because it is supposed to feel like its about 100 degrees today. That was the most important job of the day.

Meghan has started to add to her many picture poses.

Sean loves having 2 pacifiers available to him at all times.