Monday, July 21, 2008

Hmm, did you do something different with your blog?

I've made some minor changes which you may, or may not have noticed. So, since I have nothing else to post, I'll spell them out for you.

  • I finally figured out how to get a third column on the page (with the help of Blogcrowds). So now you see stuff to the left and right of this text.
  • I've added a "Subscribe via email" link over there on the left for those who feel they cannot miss an update but do not use a Reader.
  • There is a new Title image over on the top left corner. I am just a Photoshop beginner but I hope to make it snazzier soon. (FYI - Picture is one I took while in Bermuda.)
  • You will also notice a button over on the right for the site "All Mediocre". This is a gathering place for people like me who have a blog but not a lot of traffic (yet).

Coming soon (I hope).

  • A change in color scheme and background. I'm getting tired of my dots. I have a new background ready but I need to tweak a few other things (Translation: I don't know what I am doing so don't expect to see a change anytime soon).
  • New Title bar above posts. I'd like to have more flexibility with my title images and the current box is too tiny. So I hope to replace it with a big one across the top.
  • New themed posts. I have a few ideas for weekly/monthly type features but I need to sort them out just a bit before I start.

That's everything so far. Hope all my changes don't make you nauseous.

Edited to add: Oh, and if you need to buy an Amazon gift card for any reason (not necessarily for us but I am not gonna stop you if you wish to do so) there is now a handy dandy button on the right to take you there.

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Princess New York said...

I have been dying to know how to make 3 columns but too lazy to search it out. So I ended up just getting an entirely new 3-column template for my blog for its half-birthday last month.

re: comment on my Complain post