Thursday, June 17, 2010



Summer’s here.  And now that it has arrived I’d like to make some plans before it zooms past. 

We are skipping the usual trip to Seaside Heights this year.  Which means we will miss out on sharing the boardwalk with these, uh, people.



(Not necessarily a bad thing.  Actually, probably a pretty darn good thing.)

We really need to make plans otherwise, we would spend the entire summer doing absolutely nothing.

Planning takes time.  And effort.  And, ugh, decision making.  But I know I’ll feel better when we are done.  Plus, an entire unplanned summer with the two kids would, no doubt, drive me insane.

Here is what we have so far:

Tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs.

Tickets to the Circus.

Zoo membership

Trip to Cape Cod.

Preschool soccer for Sean

Swim Lessons

One week of Cheer for Meghan

Here is what we still need to plan:

Trips to visit family in Jersey and NY.


Story Land


We are also trying to plan a trip for our 10th anniversary this fall.  Away.  Without the kids.  For the first time.  Our last attempt failed.  Also, a possible trip to Disney early next year. 

Planning is exhausting.


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Kimberly said...

I never thought NJ could have a worse reputation until Jersey Shore hit the airwaves. It's depressing.