Monday, June 07, 2010

The Recital - 2010


Meghan had her dance recital this past weekend.  At least this time I knew what to expect.  I wish there was a way to do these things without wanting to fall asleep in the middle.   I suppose it is much better for the families of the older kids who have multiple performance throughout the 2+ hour show.  The little kids dance for maybe 3 minutes. 

While Meghan was not dancing we heard this from Sean:

“Is that Meghan?”

“Where is Meghan?”

“Is Meghan hiding?”

“I have to go potty!  Is there a potty in here, Mommy?”

Enter the iPhone and a pair of headphones to the rescue.  He was occupied for the remainder of the show.

Meghan did great.  I believe she was the only girl in the class who went through this last year.  She was up there directing those who had lost their way (or were crowding her).  It was all very cute.


No video was allows at the recital but I did record the rehearsal.


Last year’s pictures turned out so cute that I am hoping to get more done this year.   The few I did take were a bit….off.



But I managed to get at least one cute one.