Monday, June 21, 2010



Saturday we went to see Walking With Dinosaurs.  Meghan and Sean have been waiting for this for months.  My conversations with Sean went something like this:

Sean:  Are we going to see the dinosaurs?

Me: Yes, but not until the summer.

Sean: The summer?

Me: Yes.

Sean:  Do the dinosaurs live in the summer?  Can we go to the summer to see the dinosaurs?

Um yea, that whole seasons of the year thing?  Something he has not grasped yet.

And Meghan?  She just was trying to wrap her little head around all of it.

Meghan: Where are the dinosaurs now?  How are they going to get here?  Where are they going to stay?  And HOW are they still ALIVE!!??

Summer finally arrived and we got to go see the dinosaurs.

IMG_1366IMG_1365 They both seemed to enjoy the dinosaurs.  Sean (of course) had to go potty five minutes after the show started.  He could hear the show from the bathroom and he kept saying “We’re missing it! We’re missing it!”



It was a little to loud for Sean.  He spent most of the show covering his ears but rarely took his eyes off the action.

Meghan had lots of questions and you could tell she was trying to figure it all out.

IMG_1391Meghan:  It’s a puppet!  I can see the strings!!



The T-Rex’s roar almost scared the crap out of Sean.  He jumped a foot off the seat.

IMG_1387I would recommend the show if you have kids who are as obsessed with dinosaurs as mine are.  Most of the descriptions of prehistoric earth and the dinosaurs’ evolution were over their heads, especially Sean.  But he was just happy to see the “Longneck!”, “Sharptooth!”,  “Three-horn!”. (Inaccurate dinosaurs name courtesy of The Land Before Time.)


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